Flea Extermination

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Flea Extermination

If you have a puppy or cat living with you or living in the same building, your chances of getting a flea infestation are very high. Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t own any pets. Instead, you should be prepared for situations like these.

Flea Extermination is critical due to the fact fleas are vectors. Vectors can spread disease via biting which includes typhus and plague which fleas are regarded to carry. Fleas are certainly considered one among the damaging pests that could have an effect on mammals and birds. It is living withinside the feathers or fur of its hosts and sucks their blood. When your puppy is going out of doors to play, there's a massive threat of her or him returning with a flea attached.

At Southwest Termite & Pest we provide you with pest control services including fleas. Contact us today to get our services. Flea Extermination in San Antonio TX is done by the Southwest Termite and Pest Control team and guides the customers and makes satisfied.

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