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Rodent Treatment San Antonio

Rodents carry a lot of risks. They reside in your attic, garage, or basement and multiply abruptly. If you do not control rodents, in the beginning, you can face serious complications. Southwest and Pest Control is a well-renowned company performing the best rodent treatment San Antonio for many years.

Types of rodents

Rodents are mammals that include mice, rats, hamsters, moles, and squirrels. All these pests cause different harmful effects. Mice carry different numerous and dangerous pathogens. Rats cause property damage by chewing anything they see. Moles create a mess in your yard. Having them around you all the time can be extremely frustrating. Southwest and Pest Control perform the best rodent treatment San Antonio.

Dangerous effects of having rodents at your place

The urine and fecal droppings of these rodents result in causing long-term diseases and contamination. There are several diseases that these rodents cause. Some of these include plague, Hantavirus, salmonella, tularemia, and rat-bite fever. Southwest and Pest Control will clear out your place in the best possible manner.

Our procedure of rodent treatment

Southwest and Pest Control is a professional pest removal company that has tried and tested mechanisms for removing rodents from your place. Once you call us, our adept workers will come and inspect the whole place. They will look for all the sites and holes from where the rodents enter. Our workers are experienced enough to check which rodent resides in your place by examining their droppings. We use special traps for each type and size of rodents. Trapping will only make you get rid of the existing rodents but Southwest and Pest Control eradicate the root cause as well. We will seal all the holes and crevices which are the potential cause of the entrance of rodents. If you are tired of rodents, contact Southwest and Pest Control now and get the best rodent treatment San Antonio.

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