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Termite Damage Control San Antonio

If not controlled on time, termites can cause massive destruction to your property. You may think that you can treat termites by yourself. Most difficult thing is that termites can be found in any hidden places also. And for that, you need to have professionals for your home inspection because ignoring them will result in massive damage. You need to get termite damage control San Antonio to save your property from serious damages. Our experts will start by fully inspecting your property.

First, they will have a visual inspection of all the doors and windows on your property. Ventilation and heating systems are also checked, especially their cabinets. Also, cracks and crevices of the foundation are inspected. The area around water softener and other areas where there are chances that termites can enter. Southwest and Pest Control specialists will give special attention to every part of your house. Looking for any cracks and damages in the wooden parts is the main evidence of termites. Our experts will make sure that no area is left unchecked and will give you the guarantee of your safety.

Our termite damage control San Antonio not only includes the treatment of pests on the inner side of the house but the exterior of the house. Commercial property is also inspected and termite extermination is done. Our experts will focus both on structure and soil to make sure that no termite can further cause any sort of damage to your property. For thorough termite damage control San Antonio our experts will combine several treatments. Most of the areas on which Southwest and Pest Control focus are walls, attic, foundation, expansion joints, woodwork, windows, doors, and slabs. If you ever notice any presence of termites on your property or any wood damage, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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