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WDI Inspection in Alamo Heights TX

The insects that cause the most property harm in TX are termites. Termites get nourishment from the wooden structures found in almost all residential and commercial buildings. The termites found most commonly in TX are subterranean, which means they mainly live underground. Termites locate their colonies continuously to find new food sources.

These kinds of termites mostly form their colonies near food sources like trees and stumps. However, they will position above ground in the buildings to have access to appropriate wood food sources. Different. colonies can pervade a building lot and may develop around 200 feet to find over-ground, organic food. Other wood-destroying insects (WDIs) located in Texas include Beetles, Carpenter Bees and Carpenter Ants. Contact our WDI inspection in Alamo heights to get rid of them and save your furniture. 


WDI Inspection in San Antonio

Our WDI inspection in Alamo Heights TX delivers inspection services for termites and WDIs and we also provide a detailed report about the situation. The state law requires the inspection of a property and then make the WDI report. The WDI  inspectors must have a Texas Pesticide Applicator Certification. Inspectors are needed to attend training which is delivered by the Texas university Extension to achieve and maintain the certification. The required report must detail the knowledge related to termite or WDI pervasion or structural harm. 

Any building that has evidence of WDI invasion or structural harm must have skilful treatment to remove the existing invasion and to prevent future invasion and our WDI inspection in Alamo heights TX is specialized to do this. Harm to structures must be renovated to a safe structural state.  Termite and WDI elimination can include soil treatments, treatment of wooden structures, sanitation and foundational treatments. And our WDI inspection in Alamo heights TX can give the best treatment for the pests at your places so do contact us. 

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