WDI Inspection in San Antonio TX

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WDI Inspection in San Antonio TX

If you are purchasing a new house or commercial establishment in the San Antonio, TX area, it’s pretty certain that you’ll need a Wood-Destroying Insect (WDI) inspection. Some buyers and sellers think of the WDI inspection in San Antonio TX to be troublesome or just some hurdle in the path to making the deal. But truth be told, that a careful, complete termite inspection by a good and honest, expert inspector is one of the crucial steps in the procedure of buying a home. 

The formal name for what’s mostly known as a “termite inspection” is “WDI inspection.” WDI means  “wood-destroying insects.” Some old dated documents use the term “WDO,” for “wood-destroying organism.” A proper WDI / WDO inspection, as needed by the VA, FHA, HUD, and most banks, requires a lot more than just searching around for termites. An appropriately-performed WDI inspection in San Antonio TX is a complete inspection of all approachable areas of a home for clear proof of termites, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and a wide range of wood-destroying beetles, as well as for conditions which are good for infestation by those insects.


WDI Inspection in San Antonio

An honest inspector will look for — and notify you to — things like wood that is too near to the soil, grading if not proper can cause moisture problems, downspouts, damaged rain gutter, and many other easy-to-fix conditions that can save you thousands of dollars in fixing down the road. 

South West Termite & Pest Control will also notify you if there’s proof of a previously-treated termite or WDI problem, and how good that given treatment seems to be holding up; and if you end up buying the house, you can give us a call to discuss an annual inspection plan to make sure that if the termites do come back later, the problem will be nipped in the bud. Let South West Termite & Pest Control do your WDI inspection in San AntonioTX, so that you don’t have to worry about future WDI damage and repair. Briefly, South West Termite & Pest Control take WDI inspections very seriously. If you’re looking for a pencil  whipping termite inspector who will just look at the house from his truck and sign it off, then look somewhere else. South West Termite & Pest Control do not work in that way. South West Termite & Pest Control inspect every home as if we were buying it ourselves.

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