WDI Inspection in San Antonio

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WDI Inspection in San Antonio

The pests that cause the most property destruction in San Antonio are wood-destroying insects. WDIs get their nutrition from the wooden frameworks which are located in almost all industrial and residential places. The termites living mostly in San Antonio are subterranean, which means they are mostly placed underground. Termites relocate their colonies frequently for searching for new food items. These kinds of termites mostly establish their colonies near food channels like stumps and trees. However, they will locate above ground into places to reach better wooden food channels. 

Various colonies can gather inside a building lot and may go up to 200 feet to find above the facet, organic food. Other wood-destroying insects (WDIs) that are living in San Antonio include Carpenter Bees, Carpenter Ants, and Powder Post Beetles. The experts at our WDI inspection in San Antonio are well aware of all the species and know how to get rid of them.

WDI Inspection in San Antonio

Any building that has any kind of evidence regarding WDI invasion or structural harm must get a professional dealing to remove the existing infestation and to secure future harms. Harm to frameworks must be renovated and restored for saving the condition of the structure. WDI and termite remedies might include soil sanitation, treatment of wooden framework, soil treatments, monitoring/bait systems, and base treatments. Our WDI inspection in San Antonio TX will help in making your homes safe from WDI infestation.

Effective elimination of termites and WDI includes the removal of access to food channels. WDI can get energy from all kinds of wood and paper substances. Removal of any wood or paper linkage with soil is very critical. Termites choose humid environments to live in and maintaining proper drainage below and surrounding area is also very important. Barriers and other physical obstructions against termite and WDI infestation can also prove to be helpful. So don’t wait any longer and ring Southwest Termite and Pest Control for all your WDI and pest issues. The specialists at our WDI inspection in San Antonio is well aware that your time is precious and this is why our workers try their best to work efficiently and fast to make your homes free from pests.

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